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RugbyMania FAQ
« on: March 16, 2007, 16:52:07 »
Q: What is RugbyMania?

A: RugbyMania is an online Rugby Union management sim. Players select a team name, and a country and region within that country. They then join a league. There is a league system for each country, with a promotion and relegation system as well. You choose which players to train, what areas to train in, and how much to spend on developing your stadium. At the moment, games are played by selecting your team from your squad of players. The server then plays the game and gives a very detailed commentary of the game (see some of Marco's posts for examples of how detailed the commentary is). After each game, each player is rated for his performance and helps you decide which players play well in which position. There is also a cup competition for each area. You can also arrange friendly matches against any other team, even teams from other leagues and countries. There is a transfer system too, although trading between people who know each other is forbidden by the rules.

Q: Where can I find RugbyMania?

A: Get over to and sign up!

Q: How much does RugbyMania cost?

A: It is free to sign up and play. There is an option to pay and become a "Rugbymaniac" but this is totally unnecessary to play the game. Unlike many other free online games, most options are available to non-payers. To give you an idea, at the time of writing, the extra options for "Rugbymaniacs" are:- Ability to bookmark individual players and teams to make them easier to find later (when checking up on the opposition), the ability to give your players nicknames, a service to help you find friendly matches (you can still play friendlies without paying, it is just easier to find opponents when you pay), and the ability to design a club flag.

Q: What's in it for you?

A: Absolutely nothing. I just play and thought it would add something new for IRF members to have somewhere to compare notes on their RugbyMania experiences. It also may find a few new players for Rugbymania, which makes it more competitive and more fun for me! However, we do run the IRF Challenge Cup, a RugbyMania based cup for forum members which runs every season. The winner gets a cool trophy Avatar to show off to the rest of the losers on the forum for a whole season!
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